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There are hundreds of emergency response companies out there.
Why Should you choose Serenity Restoration?


The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is a non-profit organization that sets standards and issues certifications and acts as a governing body for how disastrous situations should be handled. Any company with a wet/dry vacuum can extract water, but you’re going to want someone WRT, FRT, OCT, AMRT, etc certified to verify your property is being taken care of.


You know the basement is wet when your couch is floating. But what about the toilet that overflowed? It just went onto the floor right? Did you clean all of it up? And are you sure it only went there and not the closet behind or the basement ceiling? Using a combination of thermal imaging cameras and conductive moisture detectors, we verify that your house is indeed dry and it hasn’t migrated elsewhere.  


Roof leaks, toilet overflows, water main breaks, kitchen fires, we’ve been there before, both having cleaned it and having it happen to us personally. Not only do we know how to remedy it, but we know how it feels. We’ve also worked with various companies within the industry so we know the pros and cons and we strive to outperform all others.


Serenity Restoration was formed to be different than the rest. In that regard, we’re going to be open and honest about your situation. Obviously we’re in the industry to stay in business but if you can save money and do it yourself, then we strongly encourage that. When estimating your current situation, we can let you know if it’s logically worth filing an insurance claim, performing the work out of pocket, or if you even require additional help.


This is the heart of Serenity Restoration. We don’t get called out for happy situations and we understand that. Nobody wants to have the equipment or the strangers in their house and we do everything in our power to make it as painless as possible. We take it one step farther and donate a portion of every job to local charities, thus making your loss their gain.

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