Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Response

Serenity Restoration is your emergency water damage response team when you experience a flood or any other type of water disaster in your home or business. 

Our remarkable team makes honesty and fairness our priority – so when you work with Serenity, you know that you are receiving high-quality water cleanup and restoration services alongside ethical professionals that work with integrity and your best interests in mind. 

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After a water disaster in your home or office, Serenity Restoration brings the serenity and comfort you need. 

24/7 Live Calls

Immediate Emergency Response

Free Estimates

Full Transparency From the Start

Direct Insurance Billing

Hassle-Free Claims Process

Immediate Assistance Is A Must

When water damages your property, don’t waste any time calling our expert team. The longer water is allowed to sit, the more damage that occurs. Whether it is a flood, roof leak, sewage backup, clean water, or any other water loss, we can get your property dry again. The worst thing you can do with water is to assume it’s dried out – damp and wet areas will quickly grow mold and rot.

We use industrial dehumidifiers that are capable of removing over 120 pints of water a day, air movers that can move 350+ cubic feet per minute and air scrubbers that can completely cycle the air in the room 3 times in an hour.


Restore Your Property In 3 Simple Steps


Call Now

Call anytime, 24/7, for immediate service.


Get Help

Rely on our expert team to guide you through the restoration process.


Obtain Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing you are receiving the best service from a caring team.

Why Choose Serenity Restoration

Any company with a van and some fans can say they perform water damage restoration. Serenity Restoration has the certifications, the tools, the knowledge, and the integrity to take care of your loss the right and affordable way.

Give us a call for immediate service 24/7. 


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If this is an emergency, please call 678-648-1294 for 24/7 service.

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