Mold Removal

Superior Mold Removal & Cleaning

Serenity Restoration prides itself on providing superior mold cleanup and removal services to home and business owners. Our team works proficiently to make sure the source of the mold problem is found and eliminated before we work to cleanup and remove the mold spores. We also will let you know if your property is at particular risk for a reoccurrence and what steps are necessary to rectify it.

Serenity Restoration works hard to provide our clients with peace of mind and reassurance during and after the mold cleanup and removal process. Contact us today.


High-Quality Air Sampling

We provide on-site air sampling to determine the particular spore count in areas throughout your home, comparing them to the surrounding environment to determine whether there is a significant contamination. We send samples to an independent third party laboratory for analysis, ensuring that counts are adequately recorded.

Lethargy, itchy eyes & throat, respiratory issues and constant sickness can be an indicator of a high spore count. Prolonged exposure to elevated levels can result in chronic health issues and should be dealt with immediately before it becomes too serious. Give us a call today to get you back to breathing safely!

Why Choose Serenity Restoration

Serenity Restoration is not just another mold cleaning company. We are certified in proper mold cleanup and removal and we have the the tools, the knowledge, and the integrity to take care of your loss the right and affordable way.

Serenity Restoration offers superior care with: 

  • 24/7 Live Calls
  • Immediate Emergency Response
  • Free Estimates
  • Direct Insurance Billing

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