About Us

We’re a team comprised of professionals in the emergency response field. We have been in the field for a combined 20+ years, working for a variety of companies, both program vendors (insurance preferred) and non program vendors. We know how to work with insurance companies instead of against while still operating with your best interests at heart. We’re continually testing out new technology and new methods to always stay up to date.

Just like having a good mechanic, a good damage restoration company is an unfortunate necessity and not necessarily easy to find. We will be completely honest with you, explaining what we need to do and why we do it. We don’t proceed with work until you know exactly what we know.

If it’s not an insurance claim, we’ll work with you on the bill. If it’s not great enough to warrant a full-blown remediation project, we can rent you the equipment for less than that of the major equipment rental groups.

AJ Shipley


Matt Chappina

Mitigation Manager

Ryan Atchley

Business Development Manager

Austin Harbin

Mitigation Specialist

Jamie Flood

Administrative Coordinator

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If this is an emergency, please call 678-648-1294 for 24/7 service.
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