3 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company Is Always The Right Choice

What could be worse than discovering hidden water damage in your home? Water damage can come in a variety of forms, making it hard to always know what the best solution is when it is found. Many people will try to take the DIY route with their water damage cleanup, thinking it will help them save money on the repairs. However, water damage restoration can be tricky, and if it is done incorrectly, it can be even more devastating to your home. 

Water Damage In Atlanta, Georgia

Here are three reasons why you should always hire a professional water damage restoration company to help you repair water damage.water damage atlanta ga

1. Water Damage Leads To Mold

It takes as little as 24 hours for mold to begin to form after water damage occurs. Mold can affect your health, especially if it is left in your home for a long time. The difficult aspect about mold is that once it has started to form, it can be difficult to get rid of it completely. Without proper cleaning and sterilization, mold spores may begin to reform in the same spot. It requires the proper tools and right disinfectants that are specifically designed to target mold to get rid of it completely.  Because you need to avoid directly touching or breathing in mold, the cleanup can be hazardous to your health if not done properly. A professional restoration company will not only be able to repair the water damage but also properly remove any mold that it has created.

2. Your Home’s Structural Integrity Might Be In Danger

Water that has infiltrated inside of walls, under the floorboards and carpet, through the roof, or into the foundation could be causing damage. Areas with poor ventilation, such as the attic or crawlspace, will not be able to properly dry on their own. These areas are often hard to reach places that you can’t simply wipe with a towel or point an electric fan toward. Professional restoration companies have the right equipment needed to get rid of the water completely, even in places that you can’t see or reach easily. They will also be able to determine the extent of the damage to know how much repair work needs to be done.

3. Hiring A Professional Now Will Save You Money Later

If not properly handled, the moisture left behind will continue to cause damage to the areas of your home until it becomes dangerous. The repairs that will then be required will not only be more urgent, but they will also be more expensive. By having water damage cleaned up properly as soon as it happens, more extensive and more costly repairs can be avoided.

Water damage can be devastating. If you have experienced any water damage in your Atlanta home, call Serenity Restoration to help you with the water damage cleanup and restoration process. The team of experts will help you have peace of mind and ensure your home is safe and secure and the damage is gone.

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