4 Signs That You Have Water Damage In Your Atlanta Home

Water Damage Atlanta GAWater damage can be devastating for any homeowner to discover, especially if it’s been lingering longer than anticipated. When it comes to water damage restoration, it is very important not to wait to begin the process after you know the damage has occurred. Sometimes water damage happens in our homes, and we do not even realize it right away. 

Water damage—Atlanta, GA

Here are four signs to be on the lookout for to know if you have water damage in your home.

1. A Higher Water Bill

The first sign that you might have water damage can be surprising. If you notice that your water bill is suddenly higher than you expect or than it usually is, this can be a sign that you have water damage. Pipes wear out and burst or leak; if it happens somewhere you do not check regularly, you may have water running or dripping constantly, causing your water bill to go up. If you notice this, it is a good idea to check areas of your house for water damage.

2. Cracked, Peeling, Or Bubbling Paint

Water damage can occur behind the paint on your walls, and there are some signs when this happens to look for. If your paint is cracking in thin, spider web-like patterns, it could mean that water is ruining it. Your paint may also soften and begin to peel away from the wall if there is water damage. Water can also create pockets in the paint that look like bubbles. You can relieve water pockets by poking a small hole in them but be careful if you do this. Water damage can be extensive, and there might be more water hiding behind your paint than you realize.

3. Discoloration

Another way water damage can manifest itself in your home through your paint is through discolored rings. They often look like rust forming on your wall, but they are a sign of water damage. This often comes through the walls and ceilings if you have a leaky roof and water is getting in from the outside. You can try to wash away these rings or even paint over them, but if the water damage is not repaired, it will not prevent discoloration from coming back. The only way to save your paint job and your home is to repair the damage.

4. Curly Floorboards

Water can get trapped under your floors or tiling, especially if you have had flooding in your home. This water cannot dry properly on its own because it does not have ventilation. Your floorboards or tiles will become weaker and may even begin to form mold underneath. If your floorboards are separating from one another, this is a sign that they have water damage. The edges of the floorboards will also start to curl up away from the wall and floor. 

If you find any signs of water damage in your Atlanta home, don’t hesitate to call Serenity Restoration. They will help you repair the damage and make sure your home is safe quickly and efficiently.

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