Essential Steps To Take When Dealing With Water Damage In Your Atlanta Home

water damage restoration atlantaIn the springtime months of Georgia, water damage seems to be more prevalent, Especially as residents come out of the wettest month, March, and into the month of April, water seems to seep into places that may be overlooked or forgotten. Homes, buildings, and businesses seem to be the most affected. What if someone had noticed the water damage sooner? Would the building have been less of a project?

Water Damage Restoration In Atlanta

Although we may never know the answer to that, we can avoid issues like those in our own Atlanta homes by following these few steps provided by the experts at Serenity Restoration: 

Contact Your Local Professionals

As soon as you suspect some water damage in your home, you should contact professionals in your area. They are trained to notice where water may have strayed and can immediately take care of the situation. Professionals are certified to clean up and restore any water damage you may have. While it may seem like an extra step, getting a team on the phone immediately will help expedite the process and help your home or business get up and running faster. So be sure not to delay that phone call! 

Cleanup What You Can

While you are waiting for the restoration professionals to arrive, it is vital that you do what you can clean up the water you see. Using buckets and towels is an easy way to address the problem temporarily. However, keep in mind that that will not solve the problem, and it is still imperative to have the specialists come in and help you out. Having them come and extract the water is actually the best way to avoid structure damage and potential extra costs to you.

Safety Comes First

If you are experiencing water damage that is a little more than you can handle (flooding, burst pipes, etc.), make sure you do not put yourself or others in harm’s way. Sometimes after significant water disasters, the structure and integrity of the building may have been affected, and having someone trained to notice this come and inspect your home is vital. Remember, nothing is more important than you and your loved one’s safety. 

Use Your Senses

While this may seem obvious, keep in mind that there may be hidden dangers you are unaware of. Water damage can lead to mold and other health concerns when not taken care of. Make sure that if you smell or see anything out of the ordinary, you have someone check it out immediately. 

While we may never know what could have been had someone has been more aware of homes or buildings that were affected by water damage, our team of experts does know ways to prevent it and ensure the best possible restoration efforts. By contacting local professionals at Serenity Restoration and keeping these tips in mind, you can also have a happy ending to your water damage restoration needs.

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