Water Damage Restoration For Personal Belongings

water damage restoration atlantaWater damage in your Atlanta home can seriously harm both your house and your possessions. It can be challenging to know what can be restored after water damage and what may need to be thrown out. 

Water Damage Restoration Atlanta

Here is a simple checklist to help you understand what might be salvageable and what may need to be tossed after water damage – but bear in mind that every water damage restoration scenario is unique and, depending on the source, size, and scope of the damage, restoration may not be as straightforward. Nonetheless, these are some pretty solid guidelines you can follow.

  • Photographs, Documents, And Paper Goods: These items typically have the highest value to homeowners, often for sentimental reasons. They can be the most painful losses after water damage, especially if it involves priceless photos and memories to crucial paperwork or documents. All efforts should be made to salvage items that have sentimental value. Even if these possessions appear to be damaged beyond repair, with expert water damage restoration efforts they may be able to salvage them or get them to other professionals who specialize in those types of restoration efforts. Time is the most crucial element in determining whether or not these artifacts and belongings may be saved. Before throwing any important belongings away out of frustration or overwhelm, let water damage restoration professionals perform an inspection.
  • Carpets And Flooring: When exposed to water for an extended period of time, carpets and flooring wind up absorbing moisture and sometimes harmful pollutants, rendering them not only sodden but also contaminated. In some cases, rugs and other flooring materials may be adequately dried and recovered if water damage restoration begins right away and the water is from a clean source. The easiest option to save your flooring is to immediately contact a water damage restoration company for assistance so you can stop the water damage from warping or breaking down your floors. Using the right water extraction techniques along with commercial-grade drying equipment, even carpets can often be saved and may not need to be replaced.
  • Furniture: If the water is not contaminated and it is safe to access the affected area, try to remove as many furniture pieces as you can – as quickly as you can. Furniture can be dried off, cleaned, and put back into use if you can get it out of the water before it starts absorbing too much of it. However, the damage will worsen the longer the pieces are left in the water. Long-term water exposure to wood pieces will take longer to dry out and may require more extensive water damage restoration efforts to restore them. Metal legs, knobs, or other finishes could corrode and rust. It may not be completely repairable but can be replaced fairly easily. Particle board furniture might not hold up as well since it quickly absorbs water and disintegrates very easily quickly. To ensure that fabric is not retaining mold or other harmful microbes, drying and cleaning will be necessary for water damage restoration for upholstered furniture. 

When in doubt about what to do with water-damaged belongings, call Serenity Restoration. We specialize in water damage restoration services and can help you mitigate further damage to your home and belongings while coming up with a plan to salvage as much as possible.

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