Easy Tips For Reducing The Likelihood Of A Water Damage Disaster In Your Home

Water Damage Atlanta, GAWhile water damage may be one of the most common disasters homeowners face, this does not mean it can be prevented in most cases. The vast majority of water damage disasters could have been avoided if the appropriate cautions were taken. From our water damage restoration professionals at Serenity Restoration in Atlanta, GA, here are a few easy things you can do to prevent water damage in your home.

Water Damage in Atlanta, GA

Inspect Sinks And Drains

Sinks and drains are unable to do their job and drain water effectively when they become clogged with debris. The easiest solution to this is obviously to avoid putting anything other than liquids down your drain. However, you never know what might end up down your drain (even if you didn’t put it there!), so you should still inspect them regularly. 

Regularly Maintain Your Appliances

As helpful as dishwashers, hot water heaters, refrigerators, and washing machines are, they can also become ticking time bombs for water damage. Your appliances need to be maintained regularly in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, always remain on the lookout for any signs of damage to your appliances so they can be promptly repaired. 

Shut Off Your Water While Away

If you head out of town, water damage restoration professionals highly recommend shutting off your water main while you are away. You don’t get any benefit from keeping your water on while you are out of town but leaving it on significantly increases the risk that you could have a major water damage disaster while you are away. 

Install Leak Detectors

One way to counter the risk of your home flooding while you are away is to install leak detectors. Leak detectors work like smoke detectors and alert you if they detect excess moisture. You can install smart leak detectors that link up to your phone so you can be notified of a flood in your home no matter where you are. This is also a great way to increase your peace of mind that your home will be safe from water damage.

Watch Your Water Bill

Your water bill can help alert you to hidden water damage in your home. Checking your water bill regularly, will help you get a good idea of your water usage each month. If your usage unexpectedly spikes for a given month, that may be an indication that you have a hidden leak somewhere in or around your home. Begin looking for signs of water damage that may not be immediately visible. For instance, there may be leaks you have not discovered in your basement or a pipe may have burst under the ground in your yard. 

As you can see, water damage prevention is something anyone can do. It doesn’t require expert knowledge or skills — just putting in the time necessary to keep up with the needed maintenance. Nonetheless, if your home is ever affected by a water damage disaster, give us a call at Serenity Restoration in Atlanta, GA without delay for help. 

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