Signs Of Water Damage To Look Our For

water damage atlanta gaWater damage is one of the most commonly occurring disasters reported to home owner’s insurance companies every year across the country. Water damage can happen at any time, from a number of different causes, and affects homes both old and new. When water damage goes unnoticed or is left unresolved, it can become a big problem. Structural damage and mold are some of the issues that result from water damage, and delaying repairs or not catching the water damage in the first place can make these issues even worse. This is why it is so important to be aware of the signs of water damage so you can find and resolve it before any major problems arise. Here are some of the signs of water damage you should be on the look-out for in your Atlanta home:

Water Damage In Atlanta GA

  • Wet spots on ceilings, walls, or floors: Discoloration is a strong indication of a water leak. Watermarks from water damage can range in size and shape, have irregular borders, and often appear darker when the water is leaking but lighter when dried. These wet spots often leave stains and discolored rings around the edges, which are not only unsightly but can also harbor mold. If you notice and dark or wet spots on your ceilings, walls, or floors, have them evaluated right away for water damage.
  • Flaking, bubbling, or cracking paint: When water leaks behind walls, it will often cause the paint on the other side to swell – creating bubbles or water blisters. This will also lead to flaking, peeling, and cracking in the paint on your walls. Sometimes water leaks create massive blisters in paint on ceilings, which, though impressive, are a major cause for concern and serious water damage. Be observant of your walls and ceilings, and if you notice any areas flaking, peeling, or bubbling, have it evaluated for water damage right away. 
  • Musty smells: Strong, musty odors often accompany water damage, and are the result of wet materials that foster microbial growth. These moldy odors are pungent, and will remain that way until the water and materials have been dried. Do not ignore musty odors, because they are a strong indicator that not only do you have water damage, but you likely also have mold damage. 
  • Sounds of dripping or running water: Since a lot of the plumbing that houses water in our homes is in areas we cannot see (under floors, in ceilings, behind walls, etc.), your only ‘sign’ of water damage may not be a sign at all, but a sound. The sound of water dripping, a creaky floor, or even water running when no appliances or sinks or in use could all indicate water damage occurring somewhere you cannot see. 

Hopefully being aware of the signs of water damage in your home will help you be more alert and aware, and facilitate a fast response if you do find yourself faced with water damage. Responding quickly is the best way to mitigate damage, which is why knowing the signs of water damage is so important. It is also important to call Serenity Restoration at the first sign of water damage so we can get to work right away fixing the problem and restoring your home. So be on the look-out for any potential water damage issues in your home, and be sure to call Serenity Restoration whenever you need water damage cleanup and repair. 

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