Spring Storms Cause Wind, Water and Hail Damage

water damage cleanup atlantaThis year, those surprise New Year’s Eve’s storms in North Georgia were unusual mini ‘low precipitation’ supercells. But severe weather is common in Peachtree City’s County Warning Area (CWA). Damaging thunderstorms, hurricane force winds, large hail, and tornadoes strike the area each year.

Warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico forms storms that build in the southeast and then move up to the north and east. In Atlanta, thunderstorms can occur year-round but are most likely to strike from May through August. The resulting storm water runoff can quickly overwhelm natural and manmade systems, flooding your property. 

A tornado is an even more severe weather event. Most occur in the March-April-May time frame. During a typical “tornado season”, Georgia gets hit about six a year. Powerful winds can rip off roofs, uproot trees, and mangle outdoor structures. 

In addition to rain and wind storms, large hail pelts the CWA about seven times a year, on average. Historically, April is the peak, but Atlanta homes are at risk during all the spring and summer months.  

All of these weather events can cause a lot of damage to your home. The first risk is from the storm damage that day; the second is later from rain getting into the cracks and gaps. So before this storm season cranks up, have the water damage pros at Serenity Restoration do the needed repairs to protect from future bad weather.

Manage Your Risk

We know that bad weather is always around the corner here in Atlanta. So take some steps to lessen your risk of expensive water damage cleanup. If your driveway tilts toward the house, improve the drainage to divert water away and protect your garage.  

Retaining walls require an internal drainage system to alleviate pressure behind the wall. Periodically check weep holes for clogs. Surface water should not be cascading over the top of the wall. Divert it to the end of the wall.

If you have a basement, make sure all sewer, water lines, or other pipes are properly sealed. Install a sump pump system with a battery backup. Consider elevating mechanical systems up off the floor. Exterior basement window wells should have covers in good condition. Maintain all the components of your home exterior: roofing, flashings, weather barriers, windows, doors, thresholds, seals.

In Georgia, you cannot simply open your windows and expect the fresh air to dry out dampness. If your home has suffered water damage, either due to storm surge flooding, wind-driven rain or even a plumbing leak, you’ll need to do a thorough drying job. Even moderate humidity will allow mold to flourish. 

After A Disaster, Call Serenity For Water Damage Cleanup in Atlanta

Even the best built homes are not completely watertight. Small leaks in roofs and attics allow wind-driven rain inside in small amounts. Gaps around the windows and doors can also let stormwater in. This moisture will cause damage to your walls, floors, trim and carpets. If your home had a water intrusion from the last storm, call Serenity now. Even better, if you think the next storm might blow rain into damaged areas of your house, call the water damage cleanup pros at Serenity now (as well.)   

The water damage cleanup team at Serenity specializes in analyzing, cleaning, and repairing Atlanta properties that have been flooded by storms. Serenity Restoration works with all the major insurers. If it’s not an insurance claim, they’ll work with you on the bill. After a water disaster, Serenity Restoration brings the serenity and comfort you need.

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