Common Causes of Flood Damage in Atlanta

flood damage atlantaWithout water, life would be impossible. Water, with all of its life-giving qualities, can also be a highly destructive natural force. If you list all of the potential tragedies that could occur in your house, flood damage is likely to be at the top. Water damage has a wide range of effects on structures. Your floor may warp if water seeps into parts of your property where it shouldn’t. Beautifully painted walls could also discolor. A vermin infestation could also result from all of the moisture. Worst of all, flood damage that is not treated right away can eventually destroy a building’s foundation. Here are some common causes of water flooding.

Flood Damage In Atlanta

1. Severe Weather.

Severe storms, hurricanes, as well as other natural catastrophes do not strike every day. However, when they do, your home is constantly at risk of flood damage. Strong winds and heavy rains may cause roof damage, allowing a huge amount of rainwater to fall directly into your home or business. Worse, adverse weather sometimes can result in flash flooding, especially when your house is in a flood-prone location.

2. Clogged gutters.

The purpose of your gutter system is to divert rainwater away from the property. Over time, however, gutters are frequently clogged by branches, leaves, and various debris. Rainwater will not be able to flow away from your home properly if this happens, and it will eventually overflow the edges of your gutter system, run down the side of the home, and cause flood damage to the roof, walls, and flooring.

3. Leaking Pipes.

A leaky pipe in the kitchen sink could cause harm to the cupboard underneath it. A broken pipe within the walls may make things even more difficult. The water damage from such a leak would be significant, as the entire wall would be flooded, and it would promote the growth of an entire colony of mold. A leaking plumbing supply line or a draining pipe in the soil beneath your concrete block would also be far worse. You will certainly have to pay for costly repairs if this happens.

4. Condensation From AC

Condensation is produced by your air conditioning system, with moisture pouring from the cooling coil into a drainpipe and then out of your house through a condensed drain line. Until the drain pan is destroyed or perhaps the condensate drain line becomes clogged with dirt or dust, this drainage system works. But if the water cannot get out, it will leak into your house from your air conditioner. Water spilling from your air conditioner can destroy your floors and walls, as well as make your insulation soggy.

5. Blocked Drains.

Drains in your sink, toilet floor, and bathtubs can become clogged for a variety of reasons. Hair, oils, toiletries, debris, and sometimes even toys or other foreign objects can block drain pipes and prevent regular drainage. Clogged drains can quickly back up and create flooding and water damage inside your home if not addressed right away.

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Flooding or any other type of water damage restoration problem in your property can be overwhelming. But there are water damage restoration companies that can help you deal with that. When in need of a company to deal with flood damage in Atlanta, Serenity Restoration is a fantastic resource. Serenity Restoration understands how vital it is to respond quickly to water damage, which is why we are always available 24 hours a day to help you. When your home has been damaged by water, call the water damage restoration experts at Serenity Restoration.

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