Tips To Deal With Flooding And Water Damage Restoration In Atlanta

water damage restoration atlanta, water damage atlanta, water damage repair atlantaThere usually isn’t a single positive adjective to describe flooding. The first things that come to mind to describe it are: messy, dangerous, unplanned, destructive, and overwhelming. That being said, it’s one of the most common household emergencies, and, so, if you find yourself dealing with a flood this summer, you’re probably in good company. Serenity Restoration have put together these tips for what to do immediately after realizing you have a flood situation on your hands. 

Water Damage Restoration In Atlanta

  1. Remember Safety First! There are a few things you need to remember in the safety department as you deal with flooding. Number one is a potential electrical problem. Don’t step into water that is 2 inches deep or deeper, because you could get shocked. Be mindful that any water (even if it looks clean) could have harmful contaminants in it. If the water covers the base of appliances, like a water heater or furnace, have your gas shut off. 
  2. Call for professional help. Homeowners are often tempted to do flood restoration on their own. It is safer, faster, and easier to call in a professional. Most of the time, it is more cost effective too, because professionals have everything they need (proper equipment, clothing, chemicals, expertise) right on hand, and don’t have to “learn as they go.” They also make less errors that DIYers in general. For homeowners dealing with flooding in the Atlanta area, Serenity Restoration is an excellent resource, and should be your first call when you discover flooding. 
  3. Find the source of the basement flood. Be safe in this regard, but find where the water is coming from. This can help you determine if it is safe from harmful bacteria. (For example, clean water that supplies your kitchen sink should be safe unless it sits for too long, whereas water draining from your washing machine or shower might not be. You may be able to shut water off to a certain part of the house, or catch or divert it. Calling a plumber can be helpful if you have water from drainage, pipes, or your sump pump that is causing the problem. 
  4. Dry everything really well! Water damage that isn’t dried or cleaned properly can cause serious structural issues in addition to being unsightly, smelling, and potentially harmful to health. As you are able to do safely, use a wet/dry vacuum, towels, buckets, and fans to dry out the affected area. Establish good air flow by creating a current of fresh air with open windows and fans. 

So, it’s true that you’re not going to find a reason to be excited about flooding or any sort of water damage restoration issues in your home. That being said though, there are water damage restoration companies that you can describe with the best adjectives: trustworthy, efficient, and eager to help. Serenity Restoration in Atlanta is a fantastic resource for flooding in your home or business, and we’re ready now to begin the water damage restoration process, to return your space to normal. 

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