Water Damage Restoration: Five Ways You Can Keep Your Basement Safe From Flooding

water damage restoration atlanta, water damage atlanta, water damage repair atlantaThe basement is the most susceptible area of any home to flooding. Multiple different factors like humidity, gravity, temperature, groundwater, and infrastructure all contribute to the increased likelihood of experiencing water damage in your basement. To help you prevent such a disaster, here are five tips from our water damage restoration professionals at Serenity Restoration, who services Atlanta.

Water Damage Restoration In Atlanta

Install A Sump Pump

Check your sump pump regularly to make sure it is clear of debris and blockage. If your sump pump is portable, make sure it is positioned in the lowest part of your basement and is connected to a power source. It’s also worth considering having a backup generator you can hook the sump pump up to if your power source is rendered useless in a water damage disaster. This can help save you from a costly water damage restoration in the future. 

Use A Dehumidifier

This is important especially in areas of potent humidity. Ideally, you’ll want a dehumidifier that has 65 plus pint per day capacity. In the humid months of the year it is best to run it 24/7. For convenience, buy one with an optional drain hose. That way the water will just drain automatically without you having to go through the hassle of draining the dehumidifier each time it gets full. 

Inspect Your Foundation

Your home’s foundation is a vulnerable access point for water to leak down into your basement. Over time, your foundation will inevitably shift and possibly even crack creating a weak spot through which water can leak through. You should have your foundation inspected regularly to look for water damage so you can perform the proper water damage restoration before it has the potential to lead to any water damage in your basement.  

Install Window Well Covers

Window well covers are one of the simplest, most affordable things you can do to reduce the risk of water damage occurring in your basement. Without being covered, water will inevitably pool in your window wells during a rainstorm. If your window isn’t sealed completely tight, your basement will be vulnerable to flooding and water damage. Window well covers are a great way to sidestep this problem and are well worth the investment! 

Keep Your Rain Gutters Clear

This is one of the simplest yet most overlooked things that can be done. Obviously cleaning your gutters regularly will keep them free of debris and clutter and allow the water to drain freely. It’s also important to have your rain gutter drain at least 5 plus feet from your house. If your rain gutter is too close to your home the solution is simple. The price for extensions to your rain gutter is low and installation is easy. 

Don’t let a flooded basement disaster ruin your day! (or week or month!) Follow the simple tips listed above and you will be well on your way to keeping your home water damage-free. If a flood does still occur, however, call the water damage restoration experts at Serenity Restoration, in Atlanta without delay.

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