Preparing For Disaster To Strike With Flood Damage

flood damage atlanta, flood damage repair atlanta, flood damage restoration atlantaIt is always smart to be prepared for disasters before the strike. Once disaster does hit, homeowners in Atlanta should prepare for flood damage. Since flooding can be scary and overwhelming, it is important to know how to respond so you minimize damage and danger to you and your loved ones. The following list of steps can help keep you safe and get you on track for a successful restoration following flood damage:

Flood Damage In Atlanta

  • First things first, contact your homeowner’s insurance agency. Whether or not your policy covers flood damage, it is still important to reach out to your homeowner’s insurance so that they know what has happened. 
  • Keep record of and document all the damage to your home and belongings. Take photos and keep a list of inventories and belongings that have been affected. If anything is covered by your insurance, photos and documentation can help prove loss mitigation. 
  • The next company you need to contact is a restoration company. Serenity Restoration is on call 24/7 to respond to your emergency needs. The quicker you respond to flood damage, the better the end result will be. 
  • Do not enter a flooded area until it has been deemed safe. The structural integrity of the home could be compromised from the flood damage, and many other threats accompany this type of disaster. You should also make sure that power to the affected area is turned off. Water and electricity do not mix. 
  • If you are cleared to enter the area by a qualified structural builder or engineer, be sure to wear personal protective clothing. All flood water should be treated as contaminated water (most food water is), so it is important to avoid any contact with your body by using gloves, boots, waders, and any other equipment that can act as a barrier between you and the water. Keep young children and pets as far away from the flood water as possible. 
  • If the area allows, open doors and windows to allow ventilation. Standing water following a flood can harbor harmful contaminants, so creating air flow can help discourage microbial growth. 
  • Furniture or other standing items in the affected area will need to be removed before cleanup and restoration can begin. Items left sitting in flood water will not only take up space, but also absorb and hold on to unnecessary moisture so remove what you can. If you care unsure what can be salvaged and what needs to be discarded, wait for the restoration company to arrive. 
  • Last, but definitely not least, try not to panic. Yes, it is stressful, emotional, and overwhelming to deal with a flood, but that is what Serenity Restoration is here for. We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency as quickly as possible. We will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is in good hands. Our experienced team provides high-quality flood damage cleanup and restoration services through our ethical professionals that work with integrity to keep your best interest in mind. Let Serenity restoration take care of you and your Atlanta home following flood damage, and know that by calling us, you will be able to respond to flood damage the right way.

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