How To Be Prepared For Flood Damage

flood damage atlanta, flood damage cleanup atlanta, flood damage restoration atlanta, flood damage repair atlantaFloods can come in all shapes and sizes. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to this. It’s good to be informed and aware of what can happen and more importantly how you can be prepared or better yet prevent flood damage to your home.

Flood Damage In Atlanta

Home Flooding

There are times when your home is flooded due to something unexpected happening in your home. This can happen simply from the water being left on in the bathtub and overflowing, a pipe cracking, or an appliance malfunctioning. While you can’t be sure you will prevent every incident from happening, you can take some precautions to be prepared and prevent these things from occurring. Keep a good eye on your appliances and pipes. Be aware of how old they are and if they are in need of repairs make sure they get the maintenance needed. 

Flash Floods

Flash floods occur from heavy rain and thunderstorms that come by and drop a huge amount of rain in a small amount of time. These can be unexpected and happen within 6 hours of the rainstorm so they can cause mayhem if you’re not prepared. There was a major case of flash flooding in Atlanta back in September of 2009. So while it isn’t common for flash flooding in Atlanta, it is good to be aware of what could happen and know how to protect your home from such an ordeal. With this type of flooding, the water can flood into your yard, seep into the ground and through your foundation, particularly if you have a basement. Even without a basement, significant flooding can cause flood damage to your home. In order to prevent this, you inspect your foundation for cracks. You call for someone to fill them so if a flood does occur the water doesn’t seep through the cracks. As well, during a rainstorm, gutters are particularly helpful in taking the water away from your home to a place where it can’t cause flood damage to your house.

River Flooding

River flooding is caused by the increase of water in rivers or creeks. This type of flooding is more seasonal and can be better predicted. There have been instances of this in Georgia but they are not as common as well. With this type of flooding, you can follow the same counsel as the flash floods. The water will work the same way, going down the easiest path for it to follow which may be right into your home. 

If you turn out to be a victim of flood damage, don’t go through the clean-up process alone. There are faster, more efficient, and safer ways. “Do It Yourself” clean-up can cause even more troubles down the road if the water is completely dried or proper cleaning was done to prevent and stop mold growth. Call a professional flood damage clean-up team, like those at Serenity Restoration, that can rid your home of the water and dry things properly so mold growth doesn’t happen.

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