Common Areas That Require Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration atlanta, water damage atlanta, water damage cleanup atlantaYour Atlanta home could be at risk of water damage. Homeowners often don’t think about potential water damage until the damage has already happened, but our water damage restoration experts want you to be aware of where water damage typically occurs in the home so that you can take proactive measures to catch it early on, if not prevent it completely. 


Everybody knows that basements are prone to leaks and flooding. But the water doesn’t come from just one source. Wet basements can happen because of outside flooding and heavy rains. It can happen because of a backed-up sump pump. Pipe bursts, foundation cracks, and appliance breaks can all cause your basement to suffer from water damage. Remember, if water infiltrates your basement, it can spread fast. Be sure to call a water damage restoration company immediately after a water disaster.


Your crawlspace may not be a place that you visit often which is why it’s important to know that it has a high potential of seeing water and moisture. Not only is the crawlspace prone to water disasters, but it also is a common spot to find mold (because mold comes from moisture and water). Check your crawlspace often and if you find any water or moisture issues, contact Serenity Restoration right away.


Of course, bathrooms are prone to water damage. With all of the plumbing inside the bathroom, it’s quite likely that yours may seem some water damage at some point. Common reasons that bathrooms are exposed to water damage are bathtub and toilet overflows, sink overflows, and broken pipes. If your toilet backs up, don’t try to clean up the water on your own. Water damage restoration teams are experienced in handling contaminated waters like sewage water and can help you stay safe during a sewage water disaster.

Water Damage Restoration In Atlanta

Any Atlanta company with a van and some fans can say they perform water damage restoration. Serenity Restoration has the certifications, the tools, the knowledge, and the integrity to take care of the water damage restoration process the right and affordable way. Our team specializes in water damage restoration in the greater Atlanta area. Not only do we respond to water damage restoration emergencies 24/7, but we also can help you fix the projects that you found during your spring cleaning. Our water damage restoration experts work with all the major insurers.

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