Water Damage Restoration Needed Because Of Bathtubs

water damage restoration atlanta, water damage atlanta, water damage repair atlantaFor many families, their home is their biggest investment. When the real estate market improves, it is like money in the bank, However, when unexpected problems arrive, your home can feel like a money pit. 

Water damage is one of the most common disasters and can be expensive to fix. The cost to restore a typical (non-catastrophic) water leak averages $2,400.  In your bathroom, a plumbing leak behind the tub can cause water damage to the floor and wall around it. Since most bathrooms are poorly ventilated, moisture tends to bleed into the walls, floor, and ceiling quite easily. 

Vulnerable Materials

Water damage restoration needed because of a leaky bathtub can lead to even more repairs in the future. These costs can quickly add up to a significant amount. When persistent moisture stays in contact with the materials around your home, they can degrade rapidly.

Watch out for warped walls. Referred to as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, or drywall is a very common material used in the construction of homes. While the material is typically very sturdy, continual exposure to moisture will soften and bubble it. If not properly protected, eventually it will warp and break into smaller pieces.leading to structural damage if not removed. If you have gaps in the caulking around the tub and surrounding tile, shower or bath water may be seeping into the walls and sub-floor. 

If your home was built with a wooden floor truss system, the subfloor is usually made of non-waterproof plywood. Laminate flooring will swell and bulge, making it unstable and dangerous to walk across as the planks will no longer be flat and can flare up given the slightest hint of pressure. You will also see dark spots, indicating mold and mildew build-up. 

Prevent an Overflow

Usually, excess water around the tub is a result of an ill-fitting shower curtain or a poorly installed shower enclosure. Occasionally, the water damage is a result of an overfilled tub. A bathtub overflow helps prevent water in an overfilled tub from leaking onto the floor. If this component is faulty, water can spill over and get beneath the tub. Proper maintenance of the machine helps prevent water in an overfilled tub from leaking onto the floor.

Watch Out For Mold

Not only does excess water degrade the building materials, but it can also create the perfect environment for mold infestation. It is not only financially unwise to initially ignore the problem, but it can also be potentially unsafe. It takes less than seventy-two hours for microbial growth to begin once the mold spores find a moist home. 

Water Damage Restoration In Atlanta

Serenity Restoration specializes in analyzing and cleaning properties that have been impacted by water, fire, smoke, mold, and pathogens in the greater Atlanta area. The remarkable team makes honesty and fairness our priority – so when you work with Serenity, you know that you are receiving high-quality water cleanup and restoration services alongside ethical professionals that work with integrity and your best interests in mind. After a water disaster in your bathroom (or any room), Serenity Restoration brings the serenity and comfort you need.

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