Water Damage Cleanup: When Your Deep Cleaning Reveals Damage

water damage cleanup atlanta, water damage restoration atlanta, water damage repair atlantaSpring is always a great time to clean and maintain your home. With even more time at home, you might have decided to tackle some larger, or long forgotten (or avoided) projects. As you dig deeper, we at Serenity Restoration recommend you be on the lookout for any hidden water damage in your Atlanta home. If you find a problem, you’ll be thankful for the chance to call the water damage cleanup experts.

Window Sills and Frames

Nothing says spring like sparkling windows. But as you squeegee off the grime, pay attention to the woodwork around the frames. Water damage can come from broken sashes, damaged frames of just the accumulation of humidity on the glass itself. Over time, this moisture can harbor mold or damage the wood. 

Resist the “quick fix” of slapping another coat of paint on it. Track down the source and address the real reason for the discoloration. We are the experts in Atlanta for water damage cleanup. 

Ceiling Stains and other A/C damage

Atlanta air conditioners are already working hard to combat this humidity. If mold and muck clog the valves, the unit may back up with water and leak from the drip pan. If you are lucky, you might catch it at the first sign of a stain on the ceiling. If you are unlucky, you might have gallons of water flood your attic, which will require immediate action from water damage cleanup professionals. Any discoloration on the ceiling requires a visit up into the attic; have our team climb up and take a look around. They will look for any signs of damage from the HVAC, plumbing systems, or roof leaks. 

Exterior Painting And Gutter Cleaning

Whether you plan to prep and paint the exterior– or hire the job outlook for signs of damage. Check the bottom of wooden doors, windows, around the chimney, and at the water spigots. Touch or push on wooden surfaces, searching for spongy material as a result of water damage. 

As you clear the gutters, check that every section is flowing downward with no buildup of debris. Check the supports that secure the gutters to the house. Consider systems to guard your gutters from material that will cause future overflows. 

Clearing The Garage

Get into that garage before the really hot weather hits! Remove all articles and check for mushy and misshapen boxes. Repack into more secure plastic tubs (or recycle or donate what you aren’t using.) Look around the foundation for water damage from intruding water. Inspect the ceiling or rafters for problems from an insecure roof. 

If there are any sources of water, be diligent about checking for leaks. Plumbing problems in garages can be expensive; they usually go undetected for months. Keep the pathways clear in these areas and make a monthly inspection for evidence of drips. 

After Disaster, Call Serenity For Water Damage Cleanup In Atlanta

Just like having a good mechanic, a good water damage cleanup company is an unfortunate necessity and not necessarily easy to find. Our team specializes in analyzing and cleaning properties that have been impacted by water, fire, smoke, mold, and pathogens in the greater Atlanta area. Not only do we respond to emergencies 24/7, but we also can help you fix the projects that you found during your spring cleaning.

Serenity Restoration works with all the major insurers. If it’s not an insurance claim, we’ll work with you on the bill.  If it’s not great enough to warrant a full-blown remediation project, they can rent you the equipment for less than that of the major equipment rental groups.

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