Preventing The Need For Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup atlanta, water damage repair atlanta, water damage restoration atlantaWe’ve all heard the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” But did you know that spring rain (while great for our yards and flowerbeds) could actually cause water damage to and in your home? According to national weather reports. A ‘wet’ day is one with at least 0.04 inches of moisture or precipitation. In Atlanta, the chances of a wet day over the course of April is essentially constant and can range anywhere from 4 to 7 inches of rainfall throughout the month.

Since there are few things more stressful and destructive than water damage in your home, it is important to know what actions need to be taken in the spring to help keep the water out, and how to prepare in case water damage cleanup needs to occur.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup And Prevention In Atlanta

  • Maintain your roof: Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against Mother Nature’s rainfall and spring storms. Its primary purpose is to keep water out of your home and channel it away from your home’s foundation (through gutters and downspouts). Neglecting your roof could leave your home susceptible to unnecessary water damage and cleanup every time it rains, compromising the very structure and integrity of your home. Most roofs are built to last 20-30 years, but failing to perform regular inspection and routine maintenance can greatly shorten that lifespan. You should periodically inspect your roof for damaged, loose, or missing shingles and replace any that you find. This is the first step in keeping the cleanup costs down.
  • Be sure windows and doors are adequately sealed: Windows and doors are common vulnerable sites for water leakage into the home. Water can easily seep in through the space around windows and door frames if they are not properly sealed. You should check the weather-stripping and seals periodically to ensure that they are intact. It is important to check both the inside and outside of your windows and doors. Any large cracks or spaces between the frame and your home should be sealed off. A good practice is to reapply caulking at least once a year to ensure that no water or moisture is getting through into your home. 
  • Ensure proper drainage: If water from rainfall is not properly diverted away from the foundation of your home, you are at an increased risk of water damage and flooding. When excess water collects around the base of your home due to poor drainage, that water will begin to seep in through your foundation. Gutters are essential in channeling the water from off of your roof, and away from your home. Be sure that your gutters are clean and clear from any built-up debris so that water can flow through them freely. Functioning gutters will direct water out and away from your home through downspouts. Downspouts should direct the water at least 3 feet from the exterior walls of your home. If your downspouts are broken, cracked, or do not extend far enough, they could be channeling water directly to your home’s foundation. You should check your gutters and downspouts at the end of winter and beginning of spring, and again every fall to ensure that they are functioning correctly. 

Serenity Restoration – Expert Water Damage Cleanup In Atlanta

Serving the greater Atlanta area, Serenity Restoration has a team of water damage cleanup professionals with a combined 20+ years who are ready to handle any and all water damage cleanup you may need. Keep your home safe from the threats of water damage, and when water damage does occur, let Serenity Restoration take care of you. 

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