Causes Of Basement Flood Damage

flood damage repair atlanta, flood damage cleanup atlanta, flood damage atlantaDue to the fact that basements are, by definition, the lowest level of a building and below ground level, they are inherently prone to flooding. Basement floods can be caused by a number of reasons, some more common than others. Here is a list of some of the more common causes of basement flood damage.

Poor Foundation Drainage

Water is in the ground that surrounds the foundation of our homes. To ensure that water does not seep through the foundation, there needs to be a foundation drainage system in place. Many homes in the Atlanta area have insufficient drainage set up, which puts homes at risk of pooling water in the yard and flooding basements. Poor downspouts, improper grade slopes, and damaged foundation can be the stat of serious flood damage. Water needs to be routed away from your foundation so that it does not find its way into your basement, so be sure that you yard has adequate downspouts that channel water at least 5 ft away from your home, proper grading in your yard so water will run away from your foundation, and inspect your foundation regularly for any cracks or signs of deterioration. 

Hot Water Heater Tank Failure

Hot water heaters are not only a luxury but have now become a necessity in the home. Because hot water heater tanks are designed to constantly refill themselves with water so there is always a reserve of hot water available, these appliances house many gallons of water at a time. When water heater tanks age, they can begin to corrode. This corrosion can cause leaks to spring, or cracks to arise. When water is able to escape from the tank, it will flood the area mercilessly because of its continual supply of water. It is so important to keep up on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance on your water heater to keep it functioning properly. If the tank is showing any signs of deterioration, get it replaced to avoid serious flood damage in your basement. 

Sewer Backup

When a blockage occurs in a sewer line, or the sewer system gets overloaded weather from a heavy storm or excess pressure, it can allow sewage to back up into the basement. Anytime flow is restricted in sewer lines, it will take the path of least resistance – which typically means backing up into your home. If the pipe systems are full and the water levels in manholes rise from excess water above the top of the pipes, the sewage level in the system may exceed that of your basement leading sewage to be directed toward your home rather than away from it. Wherever the lowest fixture in your home is located, likely in the basement, sewage will flood through that fixture into your basement. It can be beneficial to you and your basement to have a sub-pump in your basement to help redirect rising water levels around your basement away from your home, and keep unwanted backup water out.

Professional Flood Damage Cleanup In Atlanta

No matter the cause, flood damage in your basement, or anywhere in your home, can be devastating and overwhelming. Serenity Restoration is your emergency flood damage response team when you experience a flood or any other type of water disaster in your home in Atlanta. 

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